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Can bundles/wigs be bleached or colored?

All our natural color wigs/bundles can be bleached and colored, however we advise that you seek professional help to avoid over processing the hair.

How long does this hair last?

Our lace wig units are long lasting, and durable; Remember to treat your wig like it’s your hair! With proper maintenance your wig can last over 1 year.

What is your exchange and return policy?

Sorry, we do not accept returns or exchanges because each wig unit is customized to each order, so please ensure that you choose the correct color, length and style prior to checkout.

What payment methods does Faces and Laces accept?

PayPal, as well as all visa and Mastercard’s.

How many ounces are each bundle, and what’s the density of your wigs?

Our bundles are 4 ounces each. We use 3 bundles and a closure/frontal to create a 180-density wig. Additionally, some of our wig units are 150 density, please see specifics under each wig.

How long for delivery?

Standard processing time for each wig unit is 5-10 business days prior to shipment. Shipping times may vary based on local or international orders. Please see options at the checkout for more specific shipping times.

How many bundles are needed for a sew in?

  • 12" - 16" inches need 2 - 3 bundles

  • 18" - 24" inches need 3 - 4 bundles

  • 24" - 30" inches need 4 - 5 bundles

What type of hair do you sell?

Faces and Laces sells 100% raw virgin hair. Raw virgin hair is human hair that is in a natural state; with no color altering, no chemical changes, cuticles are intact and has not been processed